New campaign for sloggi to raise awareness of its new ZERO Feel product range that is soft, comfortable and a joy to wear.

The film shows the evolution of the bra over history, and how far it’s come today in terms of comfort. Starting with a chambermaid frantically unfastening an iron corset, the campaign goes on to showcase a woman painfully rolling around while trying to undo a whalebone corset and a man hopelessly fumbling his hands as he tries to undo a woman’s bra. Throughout all of these situations, the ad shows that despite various innovations and iterations, women’s underwear has remained restrictive and uncomfortable.

Culminating with the joyful and liberating feeling of wearing the Zero Feel product range, the campaign displays how women no longer need to feel limited by what underwear they wear.

The campaign launches across TV, Digital, OOH, in-store and POS.