The Unstereotype Alliance and the UN have partnered with IPG, Unilever and MullenLowe London to create a film that aims to crush stereotypes in the advertising and marketing industry.

The Alliance is a group of major marketers and advertisers who have come together to drive change in the world of branded communication. They recognise that the content we create plays a powerful role in shaping the views of those who are constantly exposed to it – in particular, the views of children.

Unconsciously, kids and adults alike internalise the roles, behaviour and appearance of the women and men they see in advertising, and this shapes their beliefs about how people in the real world should act and how they should be evaluated. The Alliance believes we have a duty to ensure that the content we create portrays people in a progressive, diversified, and unstereotypical way, and is campaigning to raise awareness and encourage major brands and advertisers to sign-up to driving change.

The film, called “The Problem is Not Seeing the Problem,” highlights unconscious biases that plague our industry. It was constructed as a casting session, none of the actors involved knew what the casting was for, what the film was about or what it was marketing. To make sure the spot was genuine and authentic the film was unscripted in order to capture candid moments and the actor’s true reactions. After the end of the film the actors were called back and it was only then that the director revealed the purpose of the film, as it is on the spot; their reaction was incredible and of pure surprise.

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