The British Heart Foundation has launched a new campaign to relaunch the brand and let people know its research extends beyond just heart disease.

Through a creative concept called ‘Shadows’ viewers see the normality and irregularities of people’s blood flow in the circulatory system. The creative makes it clear that heart and circulatory diseases such as stroke, vascular dementia and diabetes are all connected by the circulatory system. And so is the BHF’s work to beat the heartbreak that these conditions cause.

It’s a distinct move beyond only focusing on heart diseases and is launched along with a new identity and ambitious plans for the future.

Carolan Davidge, Director of Marketing and Engagement at the British Heart Foundation, said “We’re known for our life saving research into heart disease but for the first time we’re really dialling up the fact we research all heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors. Stroke, vascular dementia, diabetes – they’re all connected by blood flow and that’s why our research goes well beyond heart disease. We’re tackling the world’s biggest killers by keeping hearts beating and blood flowing.”