Is it normal?


The second phase of our ‘Is It Normal?’ brand campaign for Bupa focuses on mental health after months of distress brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign asks ‘what is normal now?’.

Research by Bupa UK found that 82% of adults experienced at least one symptom of poor mental health during lockdown yet just one in twenty (5%) sought help from a medical professional. While four in ten (44%) told no one that they were struggling – twice 2019 rates.

The new advert focuses on a range of individuals adjusting to the so called “new normal”. The viewer is challenged: “Everyone is trying to get back to normal, but what is normal now?”. Exploring a variety of experiences, from a mother feeling anxious about her child’s return to school, to a worker struggling with isolation and loneliness, the advert reflects the numerous conceivable responses to the distress experienced over recent months.