Bish Bash Bosh


August 2020 – Lifebuoy, the world’s number one hygiene soap brand[1], returns to the UKI with the aim of changing hygiene habits across the nation. The impactful campaign communicates the importance of good handwashing habits to help reduce the spread of infection.  The brand is investing £12 million MMS with its broad-reaching Bish Bash Bosh campaign.

Through the Bish Bash Bosh campaign, live now, Lifebuoy wants to raise awareness of the importance of hand hygiene through its above-the-line and in-store activations, as well as supporting behavioural changes across the UKI.  The brand aims to support behaviour change at grass roots level by embedding good hand sanitisation practices – including with school-age children and the most vulnerable groups in society.

The Bish Bash Bosh campaign creative is based on the insight that as restrictions evolve, some people may be less inclined to continue the good hand sanitisation practices they’ve adopted as well as starting to feel fatigued by hand washing messages.  To break through the noise and engage people in a way that is memorable, MullenLowe Group UK, put its hyper-bundled capabilities to the test through MullenLowe and MullenLowe salt in partnership with fellow IPG agency Weber Shandwick and media partners Mindshare. They have created an upbeat animation which uses contextual moments such as catching buses, going to the supermarket and using a chip and pin device to remind people when to wash and sanitise their hands.

In addition to the ATL campaign, Lifebuoy is using its expertise from running one of the world’s largest handwashing behaviour change programmes worldwide – reaching over a billion people since 2010 – to adapt its schools programme for the UKI partnering with schools marketing agency, We Are Futures.  The programme will educate primary school children on the benefits of handwashing as well as distributing free hand hygiene kits to schools. These will include learning materials and tools to help teach children about hand hygiene and instil good habits. Hygiene kits will also be distributed to vulnerable households across the UK via Unilever partner In Kind Direct (see full details below).

Chris Barron, VP Beauty & Personal Care Unilever UK&I, said: “With many people apprehensive of returning to their everyday lives[2], there has never been a more important time to educate people on the importance of good hand hygiene.

“We know that simply asking people to ‘wash their hands frequently’ just doesn’t cut it, as it doesn’t enact the behaviour change needed to help keep people safe. Our experience tells us that what people do respond to is the combination of the message alongside contextual and timely reminders. This is exactly what we have achieved with Bish Bash Bosh, a campaign with a simple but highly effective message that is delivered in a positive, upbeat manner and visible in highly relevant places where people need to think about hand hygiene such as when refuelling cars, or getting on or off public transport.

Our aim with the Bish Bash Bosh campaign is to continue to support the significant increase in handwashing that we’ve seen over recent months, and firmly establish hand sanitising as a regular habit for everyone in Britain.”

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[2] IPSOS Mori UK Adults Poll (May 2020) – 1,076 Online British adults aged 18-75.