Bahlsen by design


MullenLowe Group UK have launched Bahlsen by Design, a brand relaunch for the international sweet biscuit manufacturer’s full product range.

Using Bahlsen’s new brand design, created by Auge, MullenLowe Group UK was briefed to build customer familiarity with their refreshed look and feel. Following MullenLowe Profero’s appointment as Bahlsen’s lead website and social global agency of record in December 2020, the team have been working under the same umbrella as MullenLowe to re-ignite Bahlsen’s online experience.

In parallel with the web-build, MullenLowe created four modern-art films. When making these beautifully crafted, architectural style hero films, each biscuit was treated like a masterpiece. The Creatives behind the campaign have ensured each was shown off for its beauty and attention to detail. MullenLowe worked with Zelig Sound to create one principal track used for all four films, but with noticeable differences so each one is distinctive. The team used a technique called cymatics where the animations are driven by the sound. This process enables the tracks to be in the same key as the sound the biscuit makes when it snaps, a world first.

Taking inspiration from Bahlsen’s rich artistic heritage, both the films and website experience embody Bahlsen’s love for art and design, a love that has run deep through the brand thanks to their founder, Hermann Bahlsen. MullenLowe Group UK wanted the communications to reflect this commitment to art, beauty and design.

The Bahlsen website is being developed by Webcuisine. UK Media is being handled by MediaCom and launches in the UK today across TV, OLV, Digital, Press, OOH, with a supporting spend of £5m. It plans to launch globally from July. Bahlsen’s PR is being handled by Taste.