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Faces to Watch 2019: Here come the passionate, the curious and the restless

Say hello to adland’s new blood: creative, big-thinking go-getters, who are likely to be the industry’s next generation of leaders. If you already know or work with them, you’re in luck. If not, then make sure they’re at the top of your wish list.

Sabina Usher

Communications strategist, Mullenlowe Mediahub

Nominated by Jeremy Hine, chief executive, MullenLowe Group UK:
“In hiring, I live by one rule: ‘Hire someone who makes you fear for your job.’ It’s an uncomfortable brief that’s served me well over the years with no better example than Sabina. Now, I’m not recommending Sabina for her excellent strategic thinking, her commercial nous or her ability to apply brilliantly unexpected creative solutions to media. I’m putting her forward because she is a force for change within the agency, the wider industry and beyond; co-founding MullenLowe Pride, creating and running numerous mental health and school initiatives and always claiming a deservedly irrefutable leadership role in anything she turns her hand to. Surviving a world of unprecedented shifts needs more people that don’t look like what’s come before. Simply, it needs more Sabinas. I dread to think of the person who makes Sabina fear for her job.”

Full article posted on campaign.