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Retail Lessons from DTC challenger brands

Written by Justyna Pospychala. Originally posted on RetailSector.  DTC brands grow their footprint with impressive consistency. Their determination to control the experience means that when working with third-party retailers they do it on their own terms. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are shaking up entire categories. It’s now nearly impossible to find a single product category left unaffected…

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Q&A with Laurence Green

Originally posted on AdForum. Laurence Green, Executive Partner, MullenLowe Group UK was briefly interviewed by Rebecca Nuneley, Oystercatchers, at the occasion of the latest AdForum Summit in London (September 23-25)

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Don’t just read Campaign. Go write one.

Written by Laurence Green. Originally published on Campaign. It’s on the magazine masthead and it’s in the URL. It’s a much better title than World’s Press News, which it replaced. But it seems to me that “Campaign” now describes less and less of our industry’s output, or at least what we tend to reward with our attention…

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Where did all the fashion advertising go?

Written by Jose Miguel Sokoloff. Originally published on shots. I used to see it everywhere. Well, not everywhere, but almost everywhere. It was out in the streets, it was filling magazines, it occupied pages and pages of the newspapers. Beautiful people looking unhappy in beautiful clothes. It was omnipresent. “It seemed everything was one, huge personal branding exercise.”…

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Andy Last talks to BITE about Purpose

Originally posted on BITE Purpose has arguably fast become the most overused and misunderstood term in advertising. However, Andy Last, CEO of MullenLowe salt is determined to prove that tackling social issues can drive business growth. In the midst of increasingly polarised public opinion, the role of ‘purpose driven’ marketing is hotly contested. While critics…

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Has marketing lost its bottle?

Originally posted on MarketingWeek. Written by Robin Bonn (founder of agency management consultancy Co:definery). Featuring Phil Rumbol. From short-termism and risk aversion to misguidedly exploiting an oversupplied agency market, are marketers harming their chances of success? If you’ve ever watched agency folk at industry events, you may have noticed their response whenever a marketer takes the stage….

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Silencing The Haters

Written by Brynley Walbrook No-one cares about your brand. No-one cares about your product beyond using it. And no-one cares about you. Let’s get that straight. The only way to make them care is to make it more than just a thing they buy and use. I’m told time and time again that a brand’s…

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The Problem With Pitches

For full article please head over to The Stable. Mark Elwood’s comments below. Pitches are weird things. They’re expensive, and a lot of that cost is in the wear and tear on agency people and the self-confidence of the agency as a whole – no one wins every pitch. They’re a contest – but usually,…

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Campaigns for Good Awards: Agency of the Year revealed This article was originally posted on Campaign Winner: MullenLowe London The London office of the global marcomms group used three key arguments to prove it deserves the prestigious Agency of the Year accolade. Firstly, and simply, the sheer volume and variety of good-cause campaigns executed across…

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War. What is it good for?

Written by Laurence Green and originally posted on Campaign There’s a new book that should be sitting on a strategist’s desk near you, but probably isn’t. Sean McFate’s Goliath has been called “The Freakonomics of modern warfare” by its publishers – and called a lot worse elsewhere – as it dares to skewer the West’s inability to win the…

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Forget Me Not: Why We Are Programmed To Forget

Written by Phil Rumbol and originally posted in The Marketing Society‘s new EMPOWER magazine When did marketing become so annoying? Earlier this year Keith Weed spoke at the ISBA Conference about the breakdown in trust between advertisers and consumers. The days of consumers enjoying TV ads more than the programme are a distant memory, with…

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Building an agency, invaluable lessons in advertising and the future of privacy

Written by Katy Cowan and originally published on Creative Boom. Laurence Green has had quite the journey on his way to becoming Executive Partner of MullenLowe Group UK, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. Learning the tools of the trade at Lowe in the ’90s, he went on to co-found and chair Fallon London, which was…