Mark Elwood’s Favourite Oscar Ad Posted on

Oscar Statue

Ahead of the Academy Awards, five ad execs share their picks for the best spots directed by Oscar winners and nominees.

“Award-winning filmmakers in advertising? I’ll nominate BMW’s film series “The hire”, created by Fallon in 2001.

Eight short films, released on the interweb, back in the day when it made sounds while connecting and YouTube didn’t exist.

Still, it got more than 100 million views, inventing branded content. The series starred Clive Owen as “The driver” and was directed by the red carpet roll call of John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee, John Woo, Guy Ritchie, Wong Kar-wai, Neill Blomkamp, Joe Carnahan, Tony Scott and Alejandro González Iñárritu. Producers of the series included David Fincher and Ridley Scott. Best supporting female and male actors in the series included Madonna, Dakota Fanning, Lois Smith, Forest Whitaker, Mickey Rourke, Gary Oldman and James Brown. Apologies for the nerdy list but COME ON… my favourite is “Powder keg” by Alejandro González Iñárritu – only a four-time Oscar winner for Birdman and The Revenant.

Did I mention it was also winner of the first ever Cannes Titanium Lion?”

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