Jeremy Hine reacts to the IPA Bellwether Report Q3 2020 Posted on

Jeremy Hine, Group CEO for MullenLowe Group UK, was chosen to comment on the IPA Bellwether Report Q3 2020

“The situation for 2020 continues to be challenging due to an understandable mixture of factors, from constrained budgets to ongoing nervousness and the unpredictable nature of COVID. However, the brighter outlook for 2021 suggests that, for the marketing industry as a whole, the impact will be contained to 2020 as brands look to bounce back strongly in the new year.

“As risks remain with the development of the pandemic and the Brexit transition, analysts are correct to be cautious. We do believe however that brands who invest ahead of the return to growth have an opportunity to make an outsized impact, so this is the course we will be advising our clients to take where possible.”

This article was originally posted in Mobile Marketing Magazine