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Shots caught up with some of the attendees of this years Biscuit Filmworks & Electric Theatre Collective’s Young Producers Dinner to ask them about the challenges they face in their roles, what inspired them to get into the industry and why it’s important not to feel alone. Among the attendees was MullenLowe Group’s Katie Colhoun who’s comments can be read below.

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What was it that attracted you to the industry, and the role, in the first place?

 I watched What Women Want when I was about 11 and was intrigued about the advertising industry. I then took a very roundabout way of getting into production, starting in business development, trying out account management and finally landing on my feet in production. While I survived being an account person, it became more and more clear to me that the creation of a film and the craft that went into it was what I was interested in. Plus, I’ve always been equally right and left brained, so managing budgets and working closely with creatives/production companies suits me.

Was there a particular piece of advertising work that inspired you to get into the business?

 I was hugely moved by Dove Evolution. I thought it was so simple, yet clever and impactful. It did a great job of opening people’s eyes on the fashion and beauty industries and how much work goes into making models look that damn good. Women have always set such impossible beauty standards on themselves and I think the message it was trying to convey back then is just as important now. I remember thinking that’s the kind of thing I want to be involved in making.

What’s currently the most challenging part of your job?

Having to adapt budgets/scripts when creatives, clients or directors decide to adapt strategy/pivot on scripts/or get a genius idea mid-production. It can be hard to be the barer of bad news, “not feasible”, “no budget”, etc. so I dread sounding like a broken record. Also, hangry creatives. What a nightmare.

And the most rewarding?

Working on campaigns I truly believe in. I found working on the NHS’s nursing recruitment ad with Billy Boyd Cape last year incredibly rewarding because I so deeply believe in universal healthcare and love the NHS.

What piece of work from the last 12 months made you say, ‘I wish I’d made that!’?

I know it’s slightly longer than 12 months ago but how incredible would it have been to be involved in making Viva La Vulva. I think it’s easy for people to see it as just singing vaginas but I can’t help but notice the craft and the details.

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