DLKW Lowe launches Project Colour Posted on

On the 16th July 2013 children from Ashburnham Community School will be able to see their ideas made big and on display. They’ll have the opportunity to draw straight onto a 15m2 digital billboard overlooking their school.

This will be done via Project Colour – an app installed on iPads set up in their playground. Photographs of their work in situ will be used to create posters for the school noticeboards and hallways. Each child will also receive a poster of their artwork to take home.

Project Colour was created by Lucian Trestler, a planner at the agency, and Verity Williams as an extra curricular project, aimed to give the children at Ashburnham the chance to see their creativity come to life. Follow Project Colour at @DLKWLowe #ProjectColour