Danny Donovan comments on the latest IPA Bellwether Report Posted on

Danny Donovan, UK CEO of Mediahub shares his thoughts on the latest IPA Bellwether Report.

So, from a media spend perspective there is hope. Although we’ve said that before. Assuming no great economic banana skin emerges from the still-being-written pages of the Brexit deal, and the vaccination programme goes smoothly, let’s be optimistic. Let’s hope the hardest hit media sectors recover quickest and that the recovery means a return of the huge amount of talent which was displaced by this pandemic.

But unfortunately, some media have changed forever. What will the cinema slate be like in H2 2021 in the face of Netflix’s billions, and what will the restrictions and audience numbers be? Elsewhere Global’s P&L has already been ravaged by the huge commitment to TFL. With fewer commuter journeys, that deal will be a continuing drain.

More broadly has the die been cast and the balance of media behaviour and media spend been irrevocably shifted in favour of social and other digital channels in spite of the political hot water they continue to boil themselves in. That of course depends on the consumer.

Will those 10 years of change in 10 weeks we hear so much about be reversed when the world finds its freedom again, and will advertisers and media planners take notice? We shall see.

This article was originally posted in Mediatel