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Let’s be honest: would you have bought the Rustlers idea?

Written by Laurence Green. Originally posted on Campaign.  Do you let your strategic disquiet temper your respect for the creative ambition? For all the neatly post-rationalised case studies, creative development is a resolutely messy business. (If it isn’t, there’s something wrong.) When the agency moves from strategic into creative development, neatness and logic give way…

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Lets stop talking to the Over 50s

Originally posted on The Marketing Society. By 2037, 1 in 4 of the UK population will be over 65.  Today, more than 23 million are over 50.  The occasional article in our trade titles attests to that fact, suggesting ways that we might – as marketers – be more inclusive of the ‘over 50s’.  But…

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MullenLowe Brings Dunelm Home in Time for Christmas

Originally posted on LBBO. The campaign shows the importance of family in the festive campaign MullenLowe has launched a new Christmas ad campaign for British home furnishings retailer, Dunelm. The ad is the latest iteration of the ‘Real Families’ campaign. The campaign shows real families discussing how they have made their house a home using…

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It’s not always too good to be true

Originally posted on The Stable. A while ago I was sent a booklet that MullenLowe Group UK had created for its contribution to the IPA EFF Week satellite events. Its introduction read: “MullenLowe Group UK was delighted to be named Agency of the Year at this year’s Campaigns for Good Awards. Not just because we…

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Lovisa Silburn: 3 great ads I had nothing to do with

Originally posted on Campaign. Lovisa Silburn, creative director at MullenLowe, reveals three great ads she admires but had nothing to do with. Having worked at what was formerly Lowe London in 2006, Swedish born Lovisa rejoined the agency now known as MullenLowe five years ago as a creative director. She was recently promoted to be…

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The perils of ‘highly sexualised’ advertising

Originally posted on Drapers. MullenLowe Open’s Frances Griffin believes that brands need to move with social attitudes as they change. Frances’ thoughts below. Boohoo and Missguided ads have been banned for being “highly sexualised” and not “socially responsible”, prompting questions about the imagery and messaging fast fashion uses to sell product to young shoppers. They have been…

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Sabina Usher: A Campaign ‘Face to Watch’ 2019

Full article posted on campaign. Faces to Watch 2019: Here come the passionate, the curious and the restless Say hello to adland’s new blood: creative, big-thinking go-getters, who are likely to be the industry’s next generation of leaders. If you already know or work with them, you’re in luck. If not, then make sure they’re…

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NHS knocks Apple from top spot to become UK’s most relevant brand

Written by and published on Campaign. The NHS has for the first time become the UK’s most relevant brand, knocking previous winner Apple from the number one spot, according to research from Prophet. The consultancy’s fourth annual Brand Relevance Index, which quizzed 12,200 UK consumers on more than 235 brands, suggested that the public favours…

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Retail Lessons from DTC challenger brands

Written by Justyna Pospychala. Originally posted on RetailSector.  DTC brands grow their footprint with impressive consistency. Their determination to control the experience means that when working with third-party retailers they do it on their own terms. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are shaking up entire categories. It’s now nearly impossible to find a single product category left unaffected…

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Q&A with Laurence Green

Originally posted on AdForum. Laurence Green, Executive Partner, MullenLowe Group UK was briefly interviewed by Rebecca Nuneley, Oystercatchers, at the occasion of the latest AdForum Summit in London (September 23-25)

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Don’t just read Campaign. Go write one.

Written by Laurence Green. Originally published on Campaign. It’s on the magazine masthead and it’s in the URL. It’s a much better title than World’s Press News, which it replaced. But it seems to me that “Campaign” now describes less and less of our industry’s output, or at least what we tend to reward with our attention…

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Where did all the fashion advertising go?

Written by Jose Miguel Sokoloff. Originally published on shots. I used to see it everywhere. Well, not everywhere, but almost everywhere. It was out in the streets, it was filling magazines, it occupied pages and pages of the newspapers. Beautiful people looking unhappy in beautiful clothes. It was omnipresent. “It seemed everything was one, huge personal branding exercise.”…