We have launched a new campaign called A Little Bit Fancy for Choco Leibniz, a range of biscuits from international sweet biscuit manufacturer, Bahlsen. The humorous spot highlights the perceived poshness of Bahlsen biscuits and in particular Choco Leibniz. It features a series of people slowly becoming posher while eating Choco Leibniz. The lighthearted ad highlights this with people gradually changing their accents and raising their pinky fingers which become comically oversized.

Claire Sutton, UK Head of Marketing at Bahlsen Biscuits said: “Bahlsen biscuits are known throughout the world for their high quality and delicious taste. We wanted to poke fun at the perception of Choco Leibniz as ‘fancy’ and MullenLowe perfectly captured the humour in the humble biscuit’s ability to make people feel a little posh…”

Mark Elwood, Executive Creative Director at MullenLowe Group UK said: “Everyone loves a biscuit with a cup of tea. But there’s biscuits and then there’s Bahlsen Biscuits. If you’ve got the neighbours to impress, an important meeting at work, whenever you really want to make the right impression there’s only one biscuit to serve. And whenever you enjoy a Bahlsen Choco Leibniz, you can’t help but feel a little bit fancy.”